You Fucked Up My Lunch Again

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Wrong Dressing

Today my big salad had the wrong dressing. I would take a picture… but it wouldnt show anything. So just picture, if you will… a salad with the wrong dressing.

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Extra Lunch

This weekend I ordered food from The Bagel Store on Bedford Ave. I was delivered double my order, but no beverage. Mostly a positive screw up, but a screw up nonetheless.

Thanks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Big Salad

Most days, I order Big Salad. Big Salad hasn’t changed in a little over 2 years. She hails from Europa Cafe, located at 11 Penn Plaza, and consists of a large bowl of iceberg lettuce, onions, croutons and romano cheese regularly dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and served with a whole wheat roll and an extra side of balsamic vinaigrette (for dipping).

Today, they forgot my side of extra dressing.